Moving is Exhausting

My husband likes to say that he loves moving. I think he’s nuts because moving is terrible. Doubly so because we moved in the middle of August in North Carolina.

We packed up our apartment on Sunday, August 12th. I’ll spare you of any pictures of this because 1. I didn’t take any and 2. I probably would be keeled over in exhaustion for about half of them. That night, we deposited our U-Haul in front of our new house, ready for closing day.

Monday, we signed our life away for 43 minutes and became first time home-buyers. Woo-hoo!

I’d like to say that we’re fully unpacked (especially since I took the entire week off of work) but we are most definitely not. The kitchen is 100% unpacked, functional and I’m totally in love with it. The night of closing, my wonderful husband removed this eyesore:

And installed this baby:

I’m completely in love with it, and spent way too much time deciding exactly which type of faucet I want. I love the toggle between single stream and harsher spray, and the price couldn’t be beat. The shiny sprayer is completely non-functional (just there so nothing falls down the hole) and we are planning on installing a hot water dispenser because I’m a tea fanatic.

Other than that, our master bedroom is a disaster, but I was able to relax a little and take the most glorious bath ever in my new tub.

This thing rocks and my bath bomb collection will now be quadrupling to my husbands dismay.

We’re also working on installing some built ins for the living room

However Brygham already wants to change the design and get them up off the floor slightly after seeing them in the house.

Also, now that we have quartz countertops, I’m terrified of putting any sorts of cleaner on them. I know vinegar is a no-no, but what’s your favorite cleaner that’s stone safe? I’m thinking of using the Mrs. Meyers spray, but I wasn’t even sure on that.

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