All Spruced Up

Work has been insane lately (for both of us, as Brygham started his new job on Monday!) so I could barely wait to get to the house today.

It had its final (not final) cleaning, and I must say it cleans up quite nicely.

They stained our banister, and I am so in love.

And we got the finishing touches (towel racks, wire shelving in laundry, mirrors, etc.

And we got our glass in the master bedroom shower!

I was pretty apprehensive when I chose the carpet as it certainly wasn’t in the budget to upgrade, and the carpets we were offered didn’t feel great at the design center, but I absolutely love the color and they feel pretty good when installed.

We’re doing a “big pack” this weekend and packing our weeklong bag of stuff we can’t live without before doing the final pack next weekend. Somehow it still doesn’t feel real, but it sure will when the U-haul is out front!

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