What A Week!

This week was such a crazy whirlwind for the house! We knew that tile and countertops were supposed to happen this week but we did not expect light fixtures, backsplash, plumbing, some appliances, outlets and our driveway being started!

The kitchen now actually looks like a kitchen, all that’s left is the range, hood, pot filler and faucet (and floor of course).

We are loving the matte subway tile and I’m so glad I went with this over glossy tiles. We also went back and forth a few times on dark vs. light grout and I think we made the right choice with the white grout.

Our microwave got installed as well, and we’re pretty stoked to be honest.

The dishwasher is always a welcome addition.

They’re just now starting touch ups for dinged up walls, and this should be happening soon since paint goes before the wood floors, which were already delivered!

We love the contrast of the dark floors against the light baseboards and walls. 80% of our downstairs is wood and I’m so ready to see it.

Really, all that’s left is paint, flooring, landscaping and for plumbing to be installed. Theoretically it could be done in a few weeks so that we have some time before closing to do our walkthrough and make any necessary corrections. 30 days on the dot!

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