32 Days Out

When we went to the house on Monday we were slightly disappointed to see that not a whole lot had happened. We try not to go every single day (emphasis on try) to only see larger changes but we failed on Monday.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and they definitely made up for it! They were installing the HVAC systems when we pulled up while most tile and outlets had been installed along with countertops and the major light fixtures!

We had no idea that light fixtures would be going in so soon! On the schedule it showed light fixtures not being installed for quite some time.

I think I might be most excited about the countertops and tile. The countertops are a quartz, and we debated quartz vs. granite for quite some time. I’m really happy with the decision we made and I think they look gorgeous.

The tile was installed in the laundry room and the upstairs guest bathroom. They laid the base down for the master but it’s still waiting to be installed.

It’s a really gorgeous wood-look tile that I absolutely adore.

Our vent hood, stove and microwave were delivered last weekend and haven’t been installed yet since the kitchen is the last room to not have outlets (of course). Hopefully that will be going in tomorrow so that our hardwoods can go in soon! It won’t be long before it’s going to feel insanely real!

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