Considerations When Purchasing Appliances – Refrigerator

Since our home did not come with a refrigerator, washer, or dryer, I did extensive research on them to determine what I wanted. The fridge was my top priority and I looked at countless options before choosing my winner:

I chose an LG fridge, which I debated since all of our other kitchen appliances are GE. However, one little letter won’t completely devastate my kitchen experience and the GE fridges that I saw didn’t really have the options that I was looking for.

To be honest, I had pretty strict criteria for my fridge:

  • French Door – I’ve lived with a top freezer and my in-laws have a side-by-side and I’ve been steered away from both. It just makes sense for the fridge portion to be at eye level and the side-by-sides don’t even allow for a pizza box comfortably from what I’ve been told. Honestly a fridge’s pizza holding ability was a make or break decision when looking at countless fridges. I’m not quite sure what that says about us. We don’t ever order that much pizza…
  • Ice maker is hidden in the door – when Brygham first brought this up I thought he was being silly. He was adamant that any French door refrigerator with the ice maker taking up room in the actual fridge was a deal breaker. I quickly realized that he was right on this one, and it made the cut. As you can see below, this fridge has the ice maker only in the door and frees up valuable space in the top left of the fridge.

  • Door-in-Door- at first this was actually something we absolutely didn’t want. We thought it was unecessary and took up too much space. But when we actually thought about it, Brygham and I are constantly grabbing a drink from the fridge and this would actually be incredibly useful to give our go-to beverages a dedicated space and it would help to reduce the wasted cold air that we produced when grabbing a drink. It wasn’t an absolute must have, but it is a bonus for sure.
  • Fourth drawer-again something that we went back and forth on, but in the end we decided that it would be useful to have a customizable drawer that can be both fridge and freezer. It’s a pretty cool option and, while it wasn’t an absolute deal breaker, it definitely was an outstanding addition. I plan on using it for wine until we can finish our wine bar in the third floor.

If it sounds like a tall order it absolutely was. We are lucky that we were actually able to find what we wanted because when filtering all those options when shopping online, approximately 3 fridges showed up. To be honest the “knocking” feature seems like a novelty that will barely be used but who knows? It’s certainly not something we actively searched for, but it does look interesting.

Luckily we loved the LG fridge, doubly lucky that it has great reviews and triply lucky that we found it at a great price. We ended up purchasing from Lowe’s because it had the fridge and the washer and dryer we wanted, but we price matched the fridge from Costco and used the military discount on the washer/dryer.

We are definitely excited about this because our fridge right now is overflowing and we don’t even have that much food, it’s just a tiny fridge. The new fridge is massive and actually surprising beautiful for a fridge.

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