Considerations When Purchasing Appliances – Dishwasher

Having never owned a home before, I’ve never really had to contemplate the appliances in my life. My apartment has centuries old appliances (not really, but it sure feels like it) and there’s not much I can do to fix this.

Since we are building our home, we were able to choose our appliances. Of course, the house came standard with some appliances that we were able to upgrade. These included the stove, microwave and dishwasher. The fridge, washer and dryer were up to us to purchase separately unless we wanted to use the design center and, frankly, we felt that they were overpriced.

Here are a few considerations that we had with our appliances. This post was lengthy, so I will split it up to the different appliances:


Quite frankly, the dishwasher was not something I put a lot of brain power into. The one that comes with the house is nice and I didn’t really consider upgrading it. Did I wish it had a hidden panel on top rather than the controls being on the front? Sure, but it wasn’t super high on the priorities list. When it stops working for us, we will upgrade then… probably to those new dishwashers with the super awesome third tray at the very top. That is definitely something I would have loved to have if given the chance. Here is the dishwasher we will have pictured below in a different model house:

Its stainless steel and it washes dishes. Check. One thing that I actually did look for in a dishwasher is the “delay start” feature that I like. Since the dishwasher is not super high end, I’m sure that there will be some noise while it’s on. I’m used to this from my ancient dishwasher now, but it will be nice to load the dishwasher after dinner and delay for a few hours until we’ve gone upstairs.

That was about the extent of my wants for this bad boy, but you may consider upgrading to a nicer material that lessens the noise more if you know that this will be an issue. I can certainly see the need for this if you have bedrooms downstairs, but all of ours are upstairs.

The hidden top panel, mentioned above would also be a nice feature if you ever want to “hide” the dishwasher by making it appear to be another cabinet. These look very high end and lovely, it’s just not something I could accommodate this time around.

Is there anything that you can think of that I’m missing? What are your must haves for a dishwasher?

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