We Have Cabinets!

We ran, not walked, to the house this afternoon after work and we were definitely not disappointed.

Words cannot say how excited we are. Me more than him I think, but we’re both pretty thrilled. While trying to determine which cabinets would be filled with what, we realized that we have a “place” for about 20% of the kitchen things that we have. Room to grow is never a bad thing!

I’ve always wanted a window above the sink, and we’re so excited to have the wooded views in our backyard.

This is the island facing the range – the hole is for our drawer microwave. I’ll be posting late on our thoughts when buying our appliances.

Since our pantry is on the smaller side, we went ahead and added a lazy Susan to hold our canned goods. We’re also thinking that the corner cabinets would be perfect for dry, boxed food.

We made sure to add a full size drawer to add a trash can pull out at a later date. We’re also adding a spice rack pull out by the fridge later on.

Can’t forget the bathroom cabinets!

Master bathroom.

Guest bathroom – it’s the same exact vanity as the master in size and color.

We’re not sure if the next thing on the list is countertops or tile, but we’re hoping both!

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