Last Update Before Cabinets!

We stopped by the house this morning to let Brygham’s friend see and I was so surprised to see cabinets were delivered! We were told that they wouldn’t be delivered until Monday, so this was an awesome finding.

We chose a really lovely gray for the kitchen cabinets, but something that I was extremely excited to see was our farmhouse sink!

This sink actually almost didn’t happen. I got a call a few weeks ago that the Kohler plant burnt down and absolutely no one could find this sink. They told me that there was a replacement, but from pictures I wasn’t as much of a fan as this one (quite a bit narrower). I was going to head to the design center to see this new sink and see our options when I got a call the next day that somehow they managed to procure the sink. I don’t know how and I don’t know what they paid, but I was so happy to see it sitting in my house. We couldn’t resist taking a peak ;).

The master bathroom cabinets and countertops are identical to the guest bathroom cabinets in both size and color, which is a nice touch for the guest bath.

We chose a darker cabinet for the bathrooms to contrast the lightness in both rooms.

We also had enough lighting to get a good picture of both sides of the master closet system.

The next step after cabinets is countertops for the kitchen followed by flooring.

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