Good News and Bad News

The bad news is our closing got delayed until August 13th.

The good news is Brygham got a job after leaving the Marine Corps!

The great news is we have paint!

So many conflicting emotions! We’re delayed because Brygham’s new job doesn’t start until July 30th and the lender needs a pay stub before we can close.

For the paint, we are still not quite sure if this is some sort of sealant that goes on before, but it looks pretty darn close to the Agreeable Gray that we chose.

We’re still waiting on the dining room (both pictures above) to be painted in a dark navy, Dress Blues.

There’s definitely a second coat needed, but after that the only thing left for a lot of rooms is outlet covers and flooring!

The big things remaining is the whole kitchen, above, the bathrooms, flooring, final trim and landscaping. They still have plenty to finish even with the two week extension.

Cabinets should be going in Monday (!!!) and then they’re never going to get me to leave. 🙂

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