One Month Out

It’s getting exciting, y’all. Drywall is DONE and now trim/doors/fun stuff is going in.

We’re approximately one month out (31 days but who is counting) and it’s really turning into a home. Trim just started today and it’s already almost done. The final door frames, crown molding and baseboards just have to be added to the kitchen, dining room and powder room.

I don’t really know what’s next after this, but I do know that cabinets will be delivered in exactly one week, July 2nd. How June managed to slip past without me noticing, I don’t know.

I’m hopeful that this week brings paint, so that cabinets can be installed immediately, but that is just our ideas. We do know that flooring goes in after cabinets and carpet is the last thing to be installed.

Once it gets cleared out I’ll have to do an actual tour in, as I know that these pictures don’t make much sense to you.

Next week things will get super exciting, as all work after drywall is finished in a day or two, per our project manager. We have to resist taking the 45 minute drive every day to see any changes, but it’s hard to resist. The whole house will be done in about 3 weeks!!

Not that I’m counting or anything. 🙂

4 thoughts on “One Month Out

      1. Our siding is a story all on its own! We do have paint now and that is going up in my next post (hopefully today). We have cabinets already but I’m also waiting on the pretty stuff too 🙂 I’m lucky and only live 10min away and it is even closer if I’m in town already.


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