It’s Finally Here

The drywall process has officially begun and the house is already to start looking like a home.

It’s definitely a messy process and it kind of hurts my heart a little to see all of the waste, but it’s incredible to see the individual rooms come together.

We were told that drywall would make the rooms look small, but honestly I don’t think that they changed much. We’ve been looking at framing for so long that I think my brain was already beginning to close off the rooms.

Of course they still have work to do on the drywall to make it smooth, but I cannot believe that this was all done in one day (6 1/2 hours actually). We were told that drywall is the longest next step before move in and all of the trades were essentially one day processes. Once drywall is completed, cabinets and countertops are next and once that happens, I am never going to want to leave my home!

One of the most exciting things about our home is that it comes with a network panel that holds all of our WiFi enabled devices. We are big into smart home devices so this is a huge plus for us.

More to come on that! Hopefully we have cabinets next week!

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