Insulation Update

It’s been a while! There have been a few delays with the house but we finally have insulation done!

Drywall is next, which is great because we have a (still tentative) closing date!

We are supposed to be moving July 27th, which feels so close and yet so far away. Brygham and I have been ready to move since the beginning of this year and we’ve been gradually packing all of the things that we can live without for the next while so it can no longer take up our small apartment. It truly makes you stop and think about just how much “stuff” you have that you just don’t need. We are definitely planning on changing our lifestyle once we move.

The biggest change will be is staying home a lot more – right now we are gone a lot because we just can’t stand being cooped up in the tiny space with all of us (husband + wife + German Shepherd + cat) in the same small area. Generally on weekends we are gone all day doing different activities like visiting the house, taking our dog to the dog park or just exploring. Now that summer is here, there is just so much to do!

An area of the house that I already know will be one of our favorites is the porch in the back. Living in the south means that we have very hot, humid summers so this porch will be an outdoor sanctuary, especially with the screens and outdoor ceiling fan.

There will definitely be more regular updates going forward. Once drywall is completed, the real fun begins with trim work.

Stay tuned!

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