Siding Alert!

It has been a long two (ish) weeks of not a whole lot being done to the house due to some minor issues. But, we’re back on track and the siding is completely done!

The only thing remaining is a red door. You can see the white stand in here:

We had a project manager meeting last week and have a plumbing and electrical inspection today so that insulation can go in this week! Drywall will start next week with kitchen cabinets going in the kitchen in about two and a half weeks!

Things are going to start moving much more quickly now – our project manager said that at this point, it takes about 45 days for the house to be completely finished. After that, it’s inspections and blue tape meetings where we go in to determine if there are any minor flaw that need to be completed before closing.

There will be a lot more updates going forward as there should be things happening about every day once drywall is up! Brygham and I have actually started packing already as our one bedroom apartment is a little tight.

I’ll keep you posted!

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