Last Photo Before Siding?

I just got back from a weeklong business trip in Cincinnati, and was excited all week to see the progress that would have occurred during my absence. I normally go visit once (or twice) during the week and once during the weekend with Brygham.

When my plane landed, I headed straight to the house and was slightly disappointed that there was not more progress. My assumption is that since the electrical and plumbing is all completed (!) that we are in the inspection stage of the process.

We are hopeful that our siding will be coming soon as well as the drywall. Because drywall means that all the fun and beautiful finishing can happen. I love running water and air conditioning, but it ain’t exciting like my countertops and hardwoods.

They did install our network panel while I was away; our home comes as a “Smart Home” and includes hard wired data in different places throughout the house amongst other cool technological stuff. More to come on the process of making our home just a little smarter.

Also, this happened:

I’m not quite sure exactly what it is (likely plumbing), but it means progress so it’s a winner for me!

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