I can’t believe that I haven’t updated since the house looked like this:

Because now it looks like this:

Things are moving so quickly and our project manager even said that we could be moving in as early as late July! We were originally scheduled for August/September so this is a great jump.

So far we’ve had the HVAC and plumbing installed:

Bathtub is in! (The master bedroom soaker tub won’t be coming in til later in the process to prevent damage). You can see the bench for the master bedroom shower and the tub will be right next to it.

The fireplace is being installed:

The garage and porch concrete has been poured:

And our covered porch has been built!

Apparently, this is the slowest part which I have a hard time believing since there seems to be so much progress every single day.

Windows should be added soon as well as the roof and siding. It’ll be torture to have the exterior finished while the inside is still being worked on!

And, we finally signed off on our kitchen! So our cabinets should be installed in the next month or so!

If we’ve only got 3 more months in our apartment, we need to start packing soon!

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