A crazy week at work means that I had little to no time to run over to the lot to see any changes that were made to our house. Imagine my surprise when Brygham and I visit Friday afternoon to see this!

Our first floor is done! We spoke briefly with our project manager and he said that the second floor should be completed by THIS Friday!

It was a surreal experience to be walking in our “house”. I always say to myself: Now it feels real. But this time it felt super real to see everything laid out. It’s hilarious how small the house seemed when it was simply an outline on the ground and now how big it seems without the drywall.

A lot is going to be happening here shortly both with the house and in our lives. Brygham is finishing up his contract in the Marine Corps and will be living at our apartment full time starting early June. Currently, he lives two hours away from where I live due to where he is stationed.

This will actually be our first time living together in over a year. He was deployed this time last year when I moved to where we live now for my job. We’re both very excited to start our lives with us both being civilians.

And of course, we took plenty of pictures of the house:

The front of the house highlighting the porch. The big front window will be my craft room for all the house projects.

The view from the front door. The first room is the dining room and the room beyond that is the living room.

Living room with fireplace!

The kitchen directly opposite the living room! The wall we’re looking at will house the range and the farmhouse sink will be on the wall to the right (not pictured).

We have a builders meeting scheduled on Monday to go over some finer details as they finish some of the bigger stuff.

Here’s hoping for sunny weather!

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