House Design: Modern Farmhouse Living Room

I don’t know how I ever thought building was a good idea – I have the patience of my dog at dinner time.

Stop taking pictures and feed me

Aka: None.

I console myself with this seemingly endless waiting by imagining the finished house. We are scheduled to be moving in August/September time frame which is wonderful because my favorite time to decorate is Fall/Christmas.

I’ve been using the Houzz app to start trading ideas with Brygham and I thought I would show all of you! I think I might be most excited about the kitchen and dining room (or the master bedroom, or the craft room or……) so we’ll start with that.

Please pardon the giant plant, but this picture was taken in the model house from just outside the kitchen and is meant to give you an idea of what our living layout will look like. We (Brygham) are actually going to be adding the built ins after the fact since the builder wanted way too much money if they did it. No thanks.

Eventually, we’re also going to add stacked stone to the fireplace, so we are foregoing the niches in the fireplace as shown above.

I’m lucky that my husband and I have very similar tastes and we both love the modern farmhouse look.

This is the general idea of what we’re aiming for. We’ve actually already purchased two leather couches that we are having shipped later on. They will be positioned like the model above, facing each other. We chose leather for aesthetics and also because we have messy pets with claws and my choices were essentially leather or microfiber.

Brygham is working on the end tables right now and they will be stained wood on the top with white paint everywhere else. He is also going to build the coffee table for us with a similar color scheme.

The pictures shown in the design I actually already own. I’m in love with the style of the artist and have a gallery wall of his paintings in the dining room of our apartment. We’re going to again have a gallery wall on the wall opposite the couch shown above. I also have a clock that’s very similar to the one in the picture that will be added in with the gallery wall.

We’ve seen a few rugs that we love at IKEA and the ladder shown will house my blanket collection.

I am just learning to sew and plan on making all of the curtains and pillows to fit the house. Wish me luck on that one!

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