Picking Our Floorplan

When my husband and I decided that we definitely wanted to build our home, we must have looked at hundreds of floor plans. We had very clear ideas of what we wanted and we simply couldn’t find The One.

These were our stipulations for the home:

  • Four Bedrooms – what do newlyweds need with four bedrooms? I hate moving and only want to do it once in the next ten years. So we wanted a larger house that we can grow into
  • Not-so-open Concept – Most homes now have just one large room for the living and dining room and the kitchen. I can definitely see the appeal, but we like a home to be a little more defined. Now our downstairs is definitely open, but there is a tiny bit of separation between the living room and kitchen that we love and the dining room is separated as well.
  • Gorgeous kitchen – Need I say more?
  • Christmas tree window – this probably sounds strange, but it was important to me that our Christmas tree be visible from the street. Technically the Christmas tree will be going in the craft room and will kind of be in the way, but our tree will be visible from the street, dang it.
  • Stairs not at entry way – almost every house we saw had stairs right when you entered the home. I’m not a fan of this, so some plans were immediately thrown out because of this tiny detail. The picture below is from the model and we absolutely love the staircase placement.Picture is from the model home. I love the staircase

Those were the biggies and I’m happy to say that after what seems like endless searching, we finally found it!

Our home has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a separate office/craft room for me and an entire unfinished third floor. This is what sold my husband on the home to be honest.

One tip I would give to people searching for their perfect floor plan is to ask questions. I asked questions from the sellers agent, my agent, the lender, the design center and the project manager. I don’t hesitate in asking questions because it ensures that everyone is on the same page. If you don’t like the door placement, see if it can be changed!

Some builders will not make changes-it’s just not in their interest to customize every home because they build the homes so fast. We were actually under contract for an already standing new construction home that eventually fell through, but we were considering building through that builder. What stopped us was the fact that they were very unwilling to make changes that we considered very small. We didn’t want to knock down walls, we just wanted to change a few things inside the house and they weren’t wanting to do that. This is why we chose the builder that we did.

There were really only two changes that we did to our actual floor plan.

One, we got rid of one of the two French doors in the craft room. It was obviously intended to be an office, but we don’t really need that in the long run and the room is already pretty small. I wanted as much wall space as we could get, so we took out one door.

Two, there was originally a storage space underneath the stairs that had access to the storage from the garage. We took this out because it was exactly where we want to have Brygham’s workbench for his wood working. Some might think we’re crazy for removing storage, but we have other storage plans for the garage.

If you’re looking for your perfect floor plan, please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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